When importing from PubMed, I only get shortened journal title while my style requires me to use full title. Is there any way to solve this?


The solution to this problem lies in using the EndNote list feature. A list of both full title and abbreviated title of the journals will enable EndNote to find and use full title even if the individual reference contains only the abbreviated title.
However, a prerequisite for this to work is that you delete the old journal titles list before importing the new ones.

How to remove old list content:

  • Select «Open Term Lists» from the «Tools» menu
  • Select «Journal Term List»
  • Highlight all terms (names) and press «Delete Term»

Procedure for importing new journal list:

  • Click on the «Lists» tab (after opening the dialog box as described above)
  • Select «Import List»
  • Browse to the lists provided with the program and select the appropriate one
    (see also Importing lists)