Backup and copying the library

An EndNote library consists of an «* .enl» file and a «* .Data» folder containing an extensive file structure. These must be properly positioned relative to each other in order to function as intended.
Fortunately, it is possible to gather all files that make up a library into a single file. This is very useful when you want to back up, send the library as an attachment to an email, or simply move it from one storage location to another.

Note: It is possible to specify whether you want attachments (for example, full-text articles) to be copied with the library. Remember copyright issues if you distribute such material outside UiB.

How to:

  • Select «Compressed library (.enlx)» from the «File» menu
  • Select the appropriate options in the dialog box
  • Click «Next», and select the name and location of the EndNote library

The new file gets the extension «.enlx» and opens as if it were a regular EndNote file. When the program opens this type of file it will create a file with the extension «.enl» and a corresponding folder with the extension «.Data» containing all the files that were associated with the library initially. The reference numbers and all other information will remain as in the original library.

Icon of an «ordinary»
EndNote library
Icon of a compressed
EndNote library