Searching via EndNote

Searching external databases via EndNote is a simple option when it is not important to maintain the functionality of the base’s original interface. This method is recommended when searching for a given references. It is not recommended for thematic searches where you are looking for all references on a topic.

See more on importing references from databases.

How to:

    • Make sure you are in «Online Search Mode»
    • Select «Online Search» from the «Tools»-menu
    • Select your desired database from the list that appears
    • When the base is selected, a search menu appears. The choices are adapted to the base to search (see below)
    • Enter search criteria and click «Search»
    • Treffene vises i et vindu for midlertidige referanser, og havner i gruppen som bærer den eksterne basens navn under Online Search-gruppene
    • To transfer references from the external base to your own EndNote library, select the desired references and click on the icon «Copy to Local Library» 
  • It is a good rule to end by checking that the references were correctly transferred to your EndNote library