Citing references that are not yet in the EndNote library

Sometimes you may want to insert a reference into the text even if you do not have it in your EndNote library yet. For example, you come across a particular article that you want to cite without having to interrupt the writing to search for the article, transfer it to EndNote and finally insert it into the text document.
In such cases, one can take advantage of the codes for unformatted citations. By typing e.g. «{Arnesen, 2017}», Word will check in the open EndNote library if there is a reference with «Arnesen» as the first author and «2017 as the print year.
(Strictly speaking, the program will search for the terms «Arnesen» and «2017» in any field in the reference …)
If such an article already exists in the EndNote library, it will be inserted. Otherwise, you will see a dialog box stating that the reference cannot be found. Click «Ignore» to continue without formatting.

When the reference is later inserted into the EndNote library, it will be formatted in line with all the others.

Note that this procedure will work when the start and end markers on an unformatted quote are «{» and «}», respectively.
Of course, if other such markers are specified, the syntax will obviously have to change accordingly.