Insert citations in a Pages document

References from EndNote can be inserted into a Pages document and formatted according to a variety of output styles. In addition, you can choose to omit author names or year numbers in single citations, and you have the option to specify that a reference should only be displayed in the literature list (without having been cited in the text).
[Whether this is good citation practice, we do not consider in this context.]

How to insert citations:

  • Select «EndNote Citations» from the «Insert» menu
  • Enter search term in the «Find» section
  • Highlight current reference(s)
  • Make any additional choices (see below)
  • Click the «Insert» button

The options in the dialog are:


Enter search terms. The program searches in all fields with automatic truncation. If multiple search terms are used at the same time, it only matches if they exist exactly as written in a field.
Prefix / Suffix
(«Prefiks» / «Suffiks»)
Here you fill in the desired text that will come before / after the citation itself.
Note that all spaces and punctuation must be entered.
Citation Range
Here you can specify page numbers for the referral.
This assumes that the style is set up to display such page numbers. Instead, it is recommended to use «Suffix» (see above).
You can choose to exclude author names («Opphavsperson») and / or year («År») from a citation.
The omission has no effect on any other citations of the same reference or on how the reference will look in the reference list.
In Bibliography Only
(«Sett inn kun i bibliografien»)
The reference is part of the reference list, but no citation is included in the continuous text.
(In numbered styles, it will appear at the end of the literature list.)