How do I get the APA 6th-UB output style?


If you do not find the APA 6th-UB output style as an option, this can be added.

How to add APA 6th-UB:

  • Click on the link APA 6th-UB.ens
  • Different browsers can then produce different results, but choose to open the file if this does not happen automatically.
  • The file will then open in the EndNote program
  • Select «Save As» from thea «File» menu
  • Make sure the name is «APA 6th-UB»
    (delete space + «Copy» at the end of the suggested name)
  • The style is now available in both EndNote and Word.
    Note that it will be necessary to select «Select Another Style» for the first time in each program as it is not on the favorites list initially.