How do I make EndNote understand that institutions as authors should not be perceived with first and last names?


Initially, one can enter author names either straight forward with first and last names like «Auguste Rodin» or in inverted form like «Rodin, Auguste».
EndNote will understand and interpret both correctly.

Occasionally, however, two names without commas may not be considered first and last names. In such cases, you can add a comma at the end of the name. E.g. «The Prime Minister’s Office,» will not be interpreted as a personal name. The same is true for name forms to be alphabetized after the first paragraph as for «Chrétien de Troyes,».

Finally, one may encounter instances where institutions already have a comma in the name such as. «Department of Justice and Police, Law Department». Then you have to add an extra comma so that it becomes: «The Ministry of Justice and the Police,, Law Department, «.