Abbreviated author name in the citation, full name in the reference list

Sometimes it is desirable to have different author names in the citations and in the reference list. It can for example. be so that it should say «WHO» in the citation, while one wants «World Health Organization» in the reference list. EndNote does not have its own feature to achieve this, but it is quite possible to achieve the result with some manual editing.

In the Endnote library:

  • In the «Author» field it should say «World Health Organization,»

In the citation:

  • Probably it will basically say something like «(World Health Organization, 2020)»
  • Click on the citation and select «Edit Citation» from the «EndNote X9» toolbar
  • Select the «Exclude Author» check box, and type «WHO,» in the «Prefix» field

In the reference list:

  • Here it will say the same as it says in the author field in the EndNote library; «World Health Organization»